Mod Request Information

Mod Request Information

Mod Request Introduction

The more detailed a mod is the more likely I am to create it. I was getting a lot of incomplete requests and someone asked me how to request a certain mods.


Should include the job titles. You don't have to include job descriptions or hourly pay unless you want to but here is an example below of something a requestor sent me. This is helpful if you want your mod a certain way including saying hey I want these skills and the levels. School Activities work the same way. Now the post below has more details than I need but title and skills is a good start.

School Activities 

(Are created just like careers) they come with levels and can come with skills if you want the activity to have a skill.


Buffs - That gives you moodlets

Whims - They usually hover over the Sim’s head.

Social Interactions - Are interactions you click on with a conversation.
Statistics - Can be added to increase skills, needs, etc Example below using the Dancer Trait information. Sims can learn dancing 2x faster than Sims who do not have the trait of dancing.

Lot Traits - Can come with a buff, whims and social interactions.


List the name and description of the tradition. When you hover over it, it gives more information on it. So please include this as well.


Each Aspiration can have 1- 4 levels, those levels can be named and in those levels you can have about four objectives. So you can list the name of the aspiration, the description, which category you want it in and the objectives per level. I've added an image of what aspirations look like for more help.


List the name, the description and what goals you'd like to include.

Give the title as you can see Honeymoon.

Challenge Rewards - Usually money or objects

Description - Of the event 

Photo - Optional or you can let me choose it

Goals - Each event comes with a Main goal. So let me know what main goal you’d like to see complete. Example below you see the main goal in gold and the rest of the goals to complete. Once you complete a goal, another can show up and there are generally 3 levels outside of the main goals.

Social Interactions

There are two kinds of interactions - Social and Non-Social.

Social - When you click on a Sim. Here is an example of one below:

You want to give the name of the interaction and what type Friendly, Mean, Mischief, Romantic, etc. These can also impact relationships when you use them where it can increase or decrease! 

Non-Social- These are interactions that can be used on an object. Like the computer ones for example. Here is an example of the work from home menu they can be placed under categories also!

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