Interactions Not Showing

Interactions Not Showing

Interactions not Showing

XML Injector is a requirement for all interactions to show. As a reminder, you must have the XML Injector directly placed in your mods folder. It is a script file and it can not be more than one folder deep.
Mod Conflicts
It is possible that you may have a conflict, but I am not aware of any other conflicts with social or computer interactions.There is something called the 50/50 method, but you will need to research how it works online.
Script Mods Enabled
You must have script mods enabled since this mod uses a script file (The XML Injector). To enable this, Open The Sims 4 and click on 'Options': Click on 'Game Options': Click on 'Other', enable the modding options ('Enable Custom Content and Mods' and 'Script Mods allowed') then click on 'Apply Changes' (if any warning comes up please click on the check mark)
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