Active Career Tutorial

Active Career Tutorial

Active Career Tutorial Guide


Basemental’s Venue List and XML Injector are both required for active careers to work. If you do not have these mods, it will not work. As a reminder the XML Injector is a script file meaning it can not be more than one folder deep. It also may be helpful to make sure the mod is directly placed in your mods folder to see if it works. Make sure you have script mods enabled since this mod requires the XML Injector.

The most known conflicts with active careers is the mod Lot Extender or any other venue list. Venue lists CONFLICT - please check your mods folder to make sure you only have Basemental's venue list. Please note each time an active career is released, you must re-download the file.


Find a lot where you want to place the venue.

Visit the Gallery and type in what you are looking for or something similar to what you are searching for.

I am using the Military Base as my example.
Once you have chosen a lot, go ahead and place it.

Do not change anything. Just select check.

Click the lot type to see a drop-down menu and find the lot type you want to use. For this example, I will use the military base.

Once you have selected the venue it will show this:

Once you have done this, the venue will now apply correctly but to make sure exit out and check the world map to verify the lot type is showing.

As you can see it shows the Military Base in the photo. If you do not see the venue type here, there is an issue.

Venue Objects Required

Angler Career - Fishing Pond and Fishing Sign

Artist Career - Front Desk, Easel and Murals

Firefighter Career - Front Desk and Workout Equipment

Higher Education Career - Front Desk and Computers

Lawyer Career - Front Desk and Computers

Military Career - Front Desk, Computers, Workout Equipment and Rocketship

Nail Technician Career - Front Desk and Massage Chairs

Photographer Career - Photo Studio, Cameras and Computers

Politician Career - Front Desk and Computers. When using the Sim House, you must have two Front Desks.

Resort Owner Career - Front Desk, Workout Equipment, Easel, Pool, Hot Tub, Kitchen, Yoga Mat, Meditation stool, Chess table, bar, coffee station and anything relating to Sims fun.

Stylist Career - Front Desk, Styling Stations, Easels, Wardrobe Platforms.

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